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  1. Parts List
  2. I want to build a complete saber but i'm quite confused.
  3. Recommendations??
  4. Complete shoppinglist?
  5. Anyone see any problems with this?
  6. New Design, New Builder...
  7. My
  8. New to the MHS builder, any suggestion on building?
  9. another kid making his first saber...
  10. What else do I need?
  11. I think I have all the parts
  12. my saber, hopefully ordering soon!
  13. What do you think?
  14. Parts List
  15. new saber
  16. My First Saber
  17. My saber! Hopefully!
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  19. Parts lists Board Info
  20. I think I have all of the parts..
  21. Yes, another noobie with big dreams
  22. Gotham Knight saber parts list
  23. Crystal Chamber, you know you want it!!!
  24. How's this for a n00b saber?
  25. Area51 saber
  26. First saber attempt, think I've got it.
  27. Hardware Part
  28. Hello friends! Potentially painless Noob question...
  29. Newbie looking for help with Vader FX
  30. About to order first saber parts
  31. First saber parts list (with sabersound)
  32. Which Battery Holder?
  33. Parts List - Modification
  34. Sink tube needs guts to find glory
  35. How much?!?!?!?!?!
  36. Please help with my list. First Hilt complete. Kinda like C3P0
  37. Basic Parts Check...Missing Anything?
  38. please need help
  39. On-going Saber Design Check
  40. Design and a list..ready to order?
  41. set pins for mace windu lightsaber
  42. Ok new to this, help plz.
  43. Firedrop's on-going Saber design check(And questions)
  44. Newbie
  45. First Custom Saber Concept and List
  46. Sink-Tub/Pop-up Assembly saber
  47. Second Concept with Parts List
  48. Guarded Style Q&A
  49. Are Resisters a Necessity?
  50. First Saber Parts List
  51. Is everything here?
  52. Ok, for real this time!
  53. Drilling Questions
  54. Need help with wiring list/diagram
  55. First LS parts list check...
  56. confirming i have the corect parts
  57. Project for a friend, making sure I've got the proper things
  58. Confirming / seeking advice about current parts list.
  59. is eveything i need here????? plz look at it :)
  60. Final check before ordering
  61. Final Parts Check?
  62. First Saber Parts List (Check)
  63. First Saber Parts List Ordered
  64. Final Check
  65. Mara Jade saber
  66. First Time Hilt Build! Need Some Info For The Guts!
  67. Slight problem with my pommel
  68. Aurum Solis
  69. xmas money saber
  70. 1st MHS Saber build
  71. 2nd Lightsaber - First with Sound
  72. MHS Shopping list
  73. NOOB ALERT-1st build
  74. Darth Nihilus saber
  75. noobs parts list
  76. First order checking
  77. First all MHS list
  78. MHS saber
  79. My First Parts List
  80. work in progress
  81. Machine shilt fee?
  82. A little switch help plz.
  83. And so the obsession begins
  84. My first sink tube build parts list
  85. 2nd Saber. Looking alright?
  86. New Saber for a New Smith
  87. Newbie saber project
  88. First saber questions
  89. Parts Check
  90. My parts list
  91. Cheap-as-can-be Saber
  92. New Member, first saber, little clue.
  93. Ready to order parts
  94. Looking For: Tonfa (Guard Shoto) List
  95. Just getting started. Help please
  96. Need help building lightsaber
  97. Noob start list
  98. Just a quick parts check
  99. Blade / Electronic's Part List
  100. first parts list...
  101. Guarded Switch Hole Size
  102. LED question
  103. Obligatory noob parts questions
  104. Parts list for a birthday present for myself, input requested.
  105. Cheapest Saber Possible
  106. Question.
  107. Parts List
  108. Graflex Top
  109. Parts List help
  110. qui gonn lightsaber
  111. My turn!
  112. Ok for REAL this time...
  113. Obligatory Parts Check
  114. My hilt and blade parts!
  115. My Revised (Again) Saber
  116. My Longsaber hilt
  117. Kolban's saber
  118. First Saber Build: Luke ROTJ V1
  119. My first saber — pre-purchase parts list/sanity check
  120. All Systems Go...?
  121. Am I missing screws to complete my build?
  122. Graflex conversion
  123. Blades
  124. My first sabers part list
  125. sink tube to MHS adapter
  126. My first noob build attempt...go easy on me.
  127. first idea
  128. First build - Am I missing anything?
  129. My second saber
  130. eXcaliber
  131. Battery question.
  132. build for the wife...
  133. OBI WAN Hasbro Force FX removable blade Luxeon conversion
  134. Won't be the first I make....
  135. Proposed Parts List -- Once-over appreciated!
  136. Parts for my basic saber
  137. Pats List for my First Saber
  138. plz help dont know what supplies i need first saber
  139. Help for my First Saber Eletronic parts
  140. so i have every thing i need but......
  141. Easy Project: Please.. what do you think about this?
  142. Parts List for Hyndarus Mk I
  143. Need help with first saber
  144. Suggestions for saber activation
  145. Mounting 1.25" tube inside 1.5" tube? Noob question...
  146. Next saber "Kandor"
  147. New Saber rundown
  148. My First Saber
  149. German Padawani needs some Advice :)
  150. First saber build… mind checking if I missed anything?
  151. hilt electronics check up
  152. Parts for saber fix
  153. Clean version Starkiller saber build idea
  154. First Build need a check up :)
  155. First Saber! I think I got this right?
  156. First Saber - Parts List/Plans - Please Comment
  157. First Saber; anything missing?
  158. new saber
  159. First Saber ever!
  160. I'm baaaaaack...
  161. Check on first build needed.
  162. New member from Alabama needs advice
  163. Avtivation switch issue
  164. trying to make an Obi-Wan ROTS (as close to replica as possible) saber
  165. Another Galen Marek hilt.
  166. Just checking to see if I'm missing anything...
  167. First Saber, Plz Help me to check
  168. my saber build
  169. Last check before I order
  170. Help With RGB LED
  171. Parts check before order.
  172. Parts out of stock
  173. Obi-Wan Kenobi ROTS Lightsaber Parts?!?!
  174. Parts check before Order
  175. Parts Check before I order please.
  176. Birthday Saber for the Wife, Parts check plz!
  177. New build, what did I forget?
  178. Final Design + Parts List
  179. Following parts list on basic saber list, quick connector out of stock.
  180. Razgriz22's first saber part list.
  181. New Hilt Parts List
  182. new hilt
  183. Australian first time buyer. Need a parts list check... Please?
  184. noob saber builder.
  185. Parts Check
  186. noob petit crouton saber
  187. Part Check (Getting ready for purchase)
  188. Parts for Hyndarus MK II
  189. Making My First Saber - Please Check Parts List
  190. My parts list, pretty long
  191. I need some help with my first saber list. Is it complete?
  192. First Hilt and need a parts check. Help me (insert name here), you're my only hope!
  193. kaljr82's First Saber
  194. TCSS Chassis Checklist
  195. GoleLiath's first saber
  196. My First Saber... first time playing with electronics, for that matter.
  197. New revised parts list for econo based saber. Feedback greatly needed
  198. Happy B-day to me - My 1st Saber - Parts List
  199. First Attempt
  200. My First Saber build
  201. Need help with parts list!
  202. The "Outcast"
  203. Will it work? lol
  204. A little check-up
  205. electronics check
  206. Saber Part list, for electronics
  207. Led Electronics check up
  208. Need opinion on parts please
  209. New to the Scene! Electronic Parts for my Saber assist...
  210. Final Electronics check...
  211. My first Light Saber
  212. Next saber project
  213. First Saber
  214. Requesting a part/services list check for my first project, please
  215. Please check out my First Saber build part list
  216. Wiring Questions.
  217. First saber, parts checklist
  218. Asking for help before purchasing....
  219. PVC Saber Project Parts List
  220. What parts do i need from A-Z to build a custom saber?
  221. Electronics Parts List for first saber.
  222. And so here I am.......
  223. parts list for basic saber build
  224. Part list, do i have everything i need?
  225. Full parts list for 3 sabers? (Newbie)
  226. Wiring Parts List Questions - Please & Thank you :)
  227. Obvious, not so obvious question.
  228. First Stunt Saber - Am I forgetting anything?
  229. I hope this is in the right spot
  230. Time to start a new project
  231. Just checking my parts
  232. here we go again!
  233. Another PITA parts list...
  234. Working on my newest build, CF 5.6
  235. Parts check - recharge port upgrade /w li-ion
  236. HOTH parts list - anything I've missed? (Urgent - need to order asap...)
  237. First MHS Saber - Parts List
  238. Sith Acolyte parts list check
  239. Would This Work?
  240. This will be my first saber build... Hope it is right
  241. My first build... help please
  242. Am I missing anything for my first saber?
  243. my first saber plz help
  244. First build - need help making sure I did not miss anything
  245. First Saber!
  246. First saber, did i miss anything?
  247. Tonfa handle needed!!
  248. First Build: FX Vader 05 guts with Rebel Star LED
  249. Totally new, seeking advice
  250. First Build and need some help