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  1. Jay-gon Jinn's MHS Saber Project (MR sound w/ III red)
  2. Jay-gon's Brass/MHS Saber (MR sound/Lux III)
  3. Jay Gon's RLSA EL saber conversion (CF V4)
  4. Jay-gon Jinn's Second MHS and Hardware Saber
  5. Jay-gon's PVC Hilts - Full tutorial on last page
  6. Jay-gon Jinn's third MHS and Sinktube Saber (MR sound w/ III red)
  7. Jay Gon's "Agony" (conversion from EL to luxeon)
  8. Jay-gon's Brass saber 2 & 3 (MR Sound/Lux III's)
  9. Jay-gon's Brass Saber 3-7 (MR Sound/Lux III's)
  10. Jay-gon Jinn builds a 1.25" saber (MR sound w/ III blue)
  11. Eastern57's "Mongrel" (CF V2.63 w/ V Green)
  12. LDM's Mace with Crystal Chamber (MR sound, III cyan)
  13. LDM's Anakin ROTS conversion (MR sound, III royal blue)
  14. Jay Gon's BS-11 for my daughter (US 2.0 w/ P4 white)
  15. Lord Maul's "Spectra" (RGB MHS w/ CF)
  16. LDM's ROTS anakin to Graflex replica (MR sound, P4 blue)
  17. LDM's Luke ROTJ V2's (US 2.0, III and V LEDs)
  18. Jay-gon Jinn's Chrome Saber 9 (MR sound w/ III green)
  19. Build Threads board info
  20. Jay-gon's Brass Saber #12 Build (US 2.1 w/ green V)
  21. Goodman's Luke ROTJ Conversion (MR sound w/ Seoul P4)
  22. Goodman's Obi Wan TPM Parks LedEngin 5W Lightsaber Build Thread
  23. Jay-gon Jinn's Chrome Saber #10 (MR sound/Seoul P4 white)
  24. Goltar Bias' saber claws
  25. ComdtJustin's Sinktube saber
  26. Danz's "Genaron"
  27. Invisas's "J'anna Cal Marr" (MR Sound w/ Prolight RGB)
  28. Stainless Steel Class A Thermal Detonator. PICTURE INTENSIVE!!!!
  29. Inexpensive Thermal Detonator build
  30. 1.25 sink tube Qui gon Tutorial
  31. Shadar's "Mr. Green" (US 2.5 Custom)
  32. Jay-gon Jinn's Chrome Saber 21 (MR sound w/ 3W) Video Build Log
  33. Dakarn's "Consilium Laurus" (Hasbro sound)
  34. Ultrasound 2.5 wiring video
  35. Jay-gon Jinn's Chrome Saber 25(Seoul P4, w/illuminated AV switch, non-sound stunt)
  36. ARKM's "The Tactical" Build (SaberSD board w/ illuminated AV switch)
  37. GreaSyde's "Dark Leia" (Red P4/2010 Eco Obi SB Hasbro)
  38. Illuminating my piece of Star Wars...
  39. Rathan's 1st saber - sink tube (MR Sound w/ Rebel Green)
  40. Jay-gon Jinn's Chrome Saber 30 (CS-30) Build (U.S. 2.1, illuminated AV switch)
  41. slothfurnace's ANH Graflex (Full crystal chassis)
  42. Dark Jedi's First Sinktube Saber
  43. My First Saber Build
  44. epIII and communicator greeblie tutorial
  45. Daughter's saber
  46. Bertuzzi’s "Mediator V3" (MHS - CF V5 – crystal chamber – Cree RGBW) - WIP
  47. Point of Origin's "Ambitious" - MHS/Sinktube
  48. Jin Starkiller's new master and apprentice pvc sabers
  49. First PVC Saber Build
  50. Shadar's "Agony" (Crystal Chassis with Ventress FX board)
  51. slothfurnace's ESB Graflex
  52. MandoJoe's Budget PVC/Copper Saber build
  53. slothfurnace's 'Derelict'
  54. Tarragon's MHS Saber
  55. slothfurnace's TOR Consular saber
  56. Bertuzzi's (hyozan's) "Deimos" (MHS - CF4.0 - Seoul P4)
  57. Jin Starkiller's "dark solace" (MHS with resistor driven LED)
  58. Ronan's Graflex (Crystal Chassis)
  59. Luke-SkyMarcher's "New Sith"
  60. Rhyen Skytracker's Darth Nihilus custom sabers
  61. Bertuzzi’s "Amphibolia" (MHS - CF V4.0)
  62. equinox13's MHS5 build
  63. Jay-gon Jinn's Chrome Saber 33 Build (MHS-MR FX-illuminated AV switch-AAA Alkalines)
  64. Slothfurnace's ROTJ Luke Saber - Crystal Chamber, Thin Neck, Detachable Blade
  65. Jay-gon Jinn's MHS Mara Jade(ish) build (MHS, Petit Crouton, 7.4v Li-Ion, AV switch)
  66. Galen Marek sink-tube Starkiller
  67. Master Jevaho's Ahsoka PVC hilt
  68. Master Jevahos' Rahm Kota PVC saber
  69. Boj-Vaati's One Handed Short Saber
  70. new saber design
  71. My Sith lightsaber so far
  72. Luke ROTJ MHS blade plug and emitter mod
  73. Slothfurnace's ANH Vader Reveal
  74. Serenity V2
  75. TOR-ish Saber by Rhyen Skytracker
  76. Consecrator by Rhyen Skytracker
  77. Cardinal - Picky's first sound saber
  78. Project: Anniversary Present
  79. Impa's attempt at a crystal chamber
  80. thejedilestat's PC-L(darkmeat) MHS saber
  81. stegasp's Resilience build
  82. MHS Starkiller from parts to saber.
  83. Jedi Mynock's "Copper Top v2.0" MHS Build
  84. Cardcollector's "Rak Kazakh" Build thread
  85. CG's first saber "Claimh Solais"
  86. Noyl's "nameless" saber
  87. Invisas 2nd Sith Saber
  88. Jay-gon Jinn's Brass Saber 25 (Petit Crouton, Li-Ion, 1 1/4" sink tube ,RGB purple)
  89. Cardcollector's "Thunderbolt" Build thread
  90. My First PC Saber !
  91. Noyl's nameless saber 2.0
  92. My First Saber Build 'VENOMOUS'
  93. Kai's first custom saber: Innocence
  94. 4th MHS coming soon...
  95. Boj-Vaati's Two Handed Saber
  96. DARTHDRU's Dark Anakin (String LED MR REPLICA)
  97. Boshwan527's Starkiller TFU1 Build - First Saber
  98. Saber 2 : Electric Boogaloo
  99. weathering a saber
  100. How to wire a SPST Momentary yellow ring Illuminated switch
  101. First Saber Build: New EPOCH
  102. First saber build
  103. Epoxy resin and paint for organic sabers
  104. Point's ridiculous saber build log
  105. First Saber
  106. Official Build thread-The Matriarch and the Hierarch
  107. Slothfurnace's ANH Obi Reveal
  108. First Saber Build - Single-Handed "Jian" Style, Wrapped Hilt Saber
  109. Vindictus by Koko
  110. fau-pa's first saber (erv's petite crouton/ledengin 10w)
  111. Traxus V2 - Lightsaber of Estine Shabone
  112. Custom Saber Build Log: Azaz'el
  113. Rogue9607's Satele Inspired Saber - First Saber
  114. Boshwan527's Satele Shan Saber Build
  115. Estine Shabone's "Telian" made by Bertuzzi
  116. First Saber Build Thread...Æthelflæd
  117. Arryck Corso presents --- AETHON
  118. MHS plus acerocket pommel TPM Obi WIP
  119. MHS Starkiller "Promo" saber BL
  120. luke rotj
  121. recharge port
  122. lipo
  123. Girlfriends new saber
  124. Kali Vidhvansaka's Light Saber
  125. 1st Saber- All Custom Self Machined Parts (No MHS parts)
  126. Kast Bavvyk hidden wires crystal chamber chassis build log
  127. Master Valon's ESB Graflex Build (Static Hilt...as of now)
  128. MHS TPM Obi build log.
  129. My Qui Gonish MHS Build
  130. Crystal Chamber ideas
  131. Making my CW Luminara sink tube saber work....help needed
  132. Lawrs1 Graflex Build
  133. First saber build on MR New Hope Graflix hilt.please help!..I need EVERYTHING!
  134. Vindictus MkII - Koko Rides Again
  135. Boba Spartan Helmet Tutorial
  136. First saber build stage1 complete! Check it out
  137. Tutorial: Jay-gon Jinn's PVC clip switch mounting method
  138. G.O.T.H. 1st Saber - Red Shadow (starting)
  139. PVC & Oak Lightsaber Pike
  140. "Vorpan Solus", yet another "First Saber Build"
  141. Rusty's from-scratch Luke's ROTJ
  142. Xene's Bellicose rebuild (codename libertion of justice)
  143. "Parts I had Lying Around" The Qui-Bane
  144. Point's Charric build - MHS, CNC, Blaster Core - Pic Heavy
  145. Proto/Retro saber WIP
  146. Kyaryo's First Saber Build - Needs a name
  147. First MHS Saber Build, Need Verification of my Parts List
  148. The Random Menace
  149. My New Kyp Durron Build
  150. Well here it goes....
  151. Sink Tube and Aluminum Saber
  152. Tron baton saber
  153. Greetings! ( my first build )
  154. My first LED saber (Conversion from an unlit stunt saber)
  155. Curved hilt of Darth Infirnis
  156. First Saber ''Nordic Force''
  157. Rogue9607's Scrap Saber
  158. Obi-Wan V2 EpIII
  159. Custom Curved Hilt Saber, NB, Red P4, Crystal Chamber, Recharge Port
  160. Lord Zen's first saber
  161. My first build. Yet to be named, Nodachi style.
  162. Graflex No Nonsense - ANH Build - Noob Oriented
  163. So, then we start. "Elesett" or "The Fallen".
  164. Rogue9607's Satele Saber (Version 2)
  165. D's Bamboo-Copper Saber
  166. new to this please help
  167. D's Vintage Graflex Luke ANH with custom chassis and NB
  168. A couple of PVC & sink tube sabers. Log.
  169. Flyby's Padawan Saber
  170. Lord Zen's Saber 2.0
  171. D's Color Shifter with NB and Crystal Chamber
  172. First saber WIP
  173. Lord Zen's Next Saber
  174. Build log: Obi ANH full core reveal
  175. Rogue9607's Jack Daniels Saber
  176. First Saber - Questions for tutorials
  177. Twigz' "Nemo"
  178. TefaTBob's 1st Build - "Light Side" Starkiller w/ CF7
  179. TheSilverDark's First Build...Ever...
  180. Some new projects on the bench
  181. First saber with sound
  182. Wiring Questions
  183. FoC Question
  184. "Dancing With my Lightsaber
  185. Will the Chassis Disks fit?
  186. My First Saber Double Edge Detachable Durable
  187. ID?
  188. Sterling - Vintage Styled MHS Lightsaber (1st Build)
  189. First Saber with sound and I have a few final questions...
  190. Tri-Rebel Wiring?
  191. Petit crouton v3/v3.5 wiring set ups
  192. Suggestion for Thumb Screw Hole?
  193. US Graflex ESB or ANH customization help
  194. Nano Biscotte wiring help please
  195. Ulic Ramirez's Saboteur (Shoto Basic Stunt Saber)
  196. Latching AV Switch Wiring
  197. Solaren's Essence (First-ish Saber)
  198. Jay-gon's Chrome Saber 41 (CS-41)
  199. My first saber: Luke's Odyssey
  200. Blade plug build log with photos
  201. 'Dies Justitia' Design and build log
  202. Battery differences?
  203. Geo-Crystal Saber
  204. Tonfa Revival
  205. Battery pack for BBW tri cree
  206. Finished First Saber
  207. Resistor Question
  208. Second Build CF 7.5 With Crystal Chamber
  209. scrap hilt
  210. Arcann Inspired Saber Build
  211. My first saber
  212. Diary of My First Build
  213. My first saber build
  214. where can I get a Darth Vader Rotj duel worthy saber?
  215. Is there a tutorial on how to make a Lightsaber that turns off when switch is release
  216. Noyl's crystal chamber hilt
  217. Fully electrically isolated double pole single throw momentary-latching switch
  218. 3D printer made sabers
  219. Rust Bucket Build (Working Title)
  220. Build Log: NanoRex's Personal Saber (First MHS build w/ CFv7.5)
  221. 3D-printed first saber
  222. Help my Vader Fx battery pack
  223. First Build - Denique
  224. First Build - I'm hooked!
  225. First Build - Equalibrium
  226. First build - Custom Saber from scratch.
  227. 1st Saber Build: "Interruptor" PC RGB Cex Pli 18650 Rcp XMAS EVE
  228. Is it possible to make a screen accurate Darth Vader hilt?
  229. First Build
  230. First build - based on aeon v2
  231. DCLS-004 Build Log
  232. First Build-Graflex 2.0 Saber Kit
  233. Build Log: First Saber
  234. Salohcin's saber- crystal focus 7.5
  235. Kylo Ren Bladebuider Electronic Dissambly?
  236. Aanadien's First Build - PVC 3 hilt project
  237. Graflex - MR soundboard - Tri Cree (G,R,RB) -
  238. My First Saber - Birthday Present For Son
  239. Bone Lightsaber Shroud From PVC?
  240. Greyflex Build Log
  241. Build Log: Manadono's '01-01' (CF8)
  242. Anyone familiar with SF hilts?
  243. Activation Box 1 and Crystal Chambers
  244. Loquinho's Powered Hardware Saber
  245. Girot's TFA Graflex
  246. A Few Tips for a Rookie - Ultrasabers Apprentice LE V4 Remake
  247. Looking at starting First Sabre build...first and only I suspect.
  248. Kreyhn's Asclepius (saber)
  249. 2nd Build ANH with original Graflex Body
  250. Turning Aluminium&Steel into a saber