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  1. Powder Coating Thread
  2. Copper Jacket Metallic
  3. Bright White
  4. Red
  5. Ok..who wants some powder coating done??
  6. What is Powdercoating? :insert confused expression here:
  7. Solar Flat Black
  8. Super Wet Black
  9. US Blue
  10. Sun Gold
  11. Bubble Gum
  12. Psycho Lime
  13. Neon Green
  14. Xtreme Chrome
  15. Can I send my parts in to be Powder coated???
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  22. Color Transparency
  23. Any chance we can get a Shiny Yellow Gold here?
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  33. The Powder Coating Options Thread
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  36. How to remove powder coating
  37. Black Wrinkle
  38. Metallic Grey PCing
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  40. no offense but, that's it?
  41. weathering a powder coated part
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  43. A couple of questions about powder coating.
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  48. Opinions please!
  49. Is this possible?
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  56. Black chrome 2 layer PC
  57. Jollipop Copper Orange, Anyone?
  58. Copper Vein
  59. Post up pics of the new powdercoats!
  60. Powder coating versus painting for Obi ROTS
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  62. Powder Coating Pulls A Houdini?
  63. Can I get a color check please?
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  65. Candy whine???
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  73. Glueing to PC
  74. Anyone have good pics of "Black Chrome" PC?
  75. Solar Rain- Black Chrome
  76. Candy Red Transparent
  77. How long did it take for your powder coating to ship? I'm so excited!
  78. Colours marked as "Coming soon", When are they available???
  79. Can we get a WHITE powder coating option ???
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  82. First Attempt At Home Powder Coating
  83. Age/Scratch & General Paint Effects
  84. Powdercoating Durability?
  85. Making sure I understand correctly...
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  87. Brilliant Brass
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  90. Sending parts in
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  105. Sanding PC Videos?
  106. Non-pc- paint- mods
  107. Can powder coating be done on sink tube adapters?
  108. Tropic Black Powder Coat
  109. Changes to Warlock Gray
  110. Sun Gold
  111. Tropic Black
  112. Steele Blue?
  113. Flat Khaki "Gray"
  114. Remove/Alter red accents?
  115. Lightsaber Colouring Question
  116. If I ordered two powder coated main bodies, how soon would I get them (will explain)
  117. Powder coating colors not on website (photos please)
  118. Excellent job on the powder coating! (Copper Vein and Smoke Chrome)