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  1. LED Modular Hilt System
  2. Info on this section - please read first
  3. Hasbro sound module schematics and discussions
  4. 3w LED driver aka Corbins board
  5. MR FX sound modules schematics and discussions
  6. Recharge port hookup
  7. Learning electronic basics
  8. Pre-LED Hasbro Board Wiring
  9. Hasbro Force action/Corbin's Board
  10. Corbin Wiring Diagrams
  11. Does this look right?
  12. Maul sound board wiring diagram?
  13. Anakin wire diagram
  14. Wiring Diagram for Ultrasound 2.0 LED Saber w/Resonator
  15. MR + Plecter Driver setup question
  16. Battery Pack Making
  17. Touch Switch Tutorial
  18. Cheapy Hasbro Wiring Diagrams
  19. MR/Hasbro FX Wiring Diagrams
  20. Basic Buck Puck Variant LED Wiring with a Latching Illuminated Switch
  21. Help with adding a Latching Led and BCD to a 616 Board.
  22. Joe Jedi Wiring Help Needed (big time)
  23. 2001 Hasbro Electronic Count Dooku Lightsaber schematic
  24. Pulse LED using 555 timer
  25. my area 51 wiring schematic. well one of them.
  26. Ohms law!
  27. Check my wire routing if you please.
  28. Ultrasound, recharge port, & Li-Ion?
  29. DIY Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
  30. Feedback on my second saber
  31. Cheapy Hasbro relay wiring
  32. How to make 4060 Blinky
  33. EIII Obi-Wan Kenobi Electronic Lightsaber wiring?
  34. Wiring diagram for a Vader ESB MRFx board with illuminated switch
  35. timed momentary swtiches
  36. Add-on board for adjustable LED driver schematic
  37. So Now I'm Really Confused... (MR FX Wiring)
  38. 4xAAA Battery Holders, do they make them?
  39. 2010 Electronic Lightsaber w/ DVD Tutorial
  40. CF Video Wiring Guide ( thread pointer --> )
  41. Anakins' ROTS MR saber - existing battery pack
  42. Trustfire Noob
  43. Illuminated Switch?
  44. RGB led not working
  45. Am I screwed?
  46. Reed Relay Woes
  47. Ill. latching, vader MR, and recharge port
  48. protected li-ions and PCB?
  49. Wiring AV latching switch
  50. Hilt-To-Blade Wiring Diagram
  51. Schematic Check - MR Soundboard, DPDT Latching Switch, and Crystal Chamber
  52. Thinkway 2002 Lightsaber
  53. eastern57's lighthound momentary to latching switch mod
  54. Pololu wiring diagram?
  55. Help
  56. Definitive Diagram for illuminated switch/recharge port/MR board?
  57. Master Replicas LUKE ESB Sound Board
  58. Switch Wiring Diagram for MR board with 4 wire switch
  59. Wiring Check
  60. need alt. clash/swing sensor 2003 vader board
  61. LED Resistors and Ohm's Law
  62. Buckpuck Specs
  63. question
  64. PCB for 3.7V Li-ion Battery and US 2.5, MR FX ?
  65. Wiring Labels
  66. Need a Wiring Check
  67. Hasbro wiring question
  68. Ventress, Switch Wiring Question
  69. wiring a MR Luke ROTJ board
  70. what board is this?
  71. Seran's New plan
  72. I need Advice
  73. Using a transistor as a switch/amplifier with a Force FX board
  74. Removing a MR board from a saber
  75. I could use a bit of wiring advice.
  76. Chargers
  77. Wiring Sanity Check
  78. A little help with the 2010 Obi wiring
  79. New guy here needs some help
  80. Add on board issue
  81. P4 - 2010 wiring check
  82. battery/speaker combo wiring
  83. Another Wiring Check
  84. Can i have a low battery LED
  85. 2010 General Grievous Hasbro Economy Board Guide
  86. Hasbro FX Board with Removable Blade Diagram
  87. My Proposed Wiring Diagram
  88. Battery Packs?
  89. Regulators?
  90. New Wiring Diagram with USv 2.5
  91. Wire Routing
  92. improvised cluster battery holders?
  93. clash sensor kill switch
  94. Hilt wiring help please!
  95. 14.8V Li-ion Battery Pack Diagram?
  96. I have ADD, trying to consolidate ideas... help?
  97. How to determine which resistor to use for lighted switches?
  98. PLI (power level indicator)
  99. Hasbro Economy Board; "Rewire Tutorial"
  100. Li-Ion Battery Packs
  101. US 2.0 wiring diagram
  102. Wiring a 1999 Qui-Gon board with accent LEDs
  103. Battery charge help
  104. "Push & Hold" activation for Hasbro econo-boards
  105. Recharge Port Sanity Check
  106. tcss li-ion pcb question
  107. Broken saber repair
  108. Help with wiring 2010 Obi-wan with extras
  109. no rgb selection in resistor calculator
  110. Wiring the switches to the PC-L
  111. Opinions/Help with my Chassis Design
  112. SPDP Illuminated latching switch for PC-U questions
  113. Lithium Batteries, Battery holder, kill switch?
  114. circuit check
  115. Using Protected Cells to make 7.2v ????
  116. Accent LED MR/Hasbro Wiring diagram question?
  117. Is There A Trick To This?
  118. Pc wiring question
  119. Newbie Help..
  120. Your wire gauge preference.
  121. Checking Chassis Design.
  122. MindHow long to recharge a 3.7v battery?
  123. Petit Crouton on only 3.7v and battery runtime
  124. When building a PVC sled/chassis...?
  125. Help for cheapy hasbro sound board identification
  126. Soldering Iron Question.
  127. Your Battery Preference with a PC or CF
  128. Yoda Cheapo Hasbro Sound Board
  129. Wiring Diagram Check
  130. Baby Steps in Wiring
  131. 2005 econo yoda lightsaber
  132. Wiring Diagram check please!!
  133. Need help with a DPDT Latching illuminated switch please help
  134. Still having issues with the AV switch
  135. NEW Wiring Schematic Check Please!!
  136. 1st Saber; '05 MR Mace Windu Soundboard; Wiring Check/Help
  137. Lightsaber sound module schematics
  138. Build-Your-Own Cheapo Board, Need Help
  139. Wiring diagram check
  140. I need a wiring diagram, PLEASE HELP.
  141. Need Help with 16mm Anti Vandal Latching Red Ring Switch
  142. JediMasterTim's Wiring Diagram
  143. Ensuring i have this wiring correct
  144. MWS 700mA Buckpuck with Charge Port
  145. 4-wire cutoff switch (don't want to use)
  146. Help! Long Anti Vandal Switch wiring
  147. Direct Drive Modular Overdrive
  148. Wiring a Mace Windu Board / No Power Down Sound
  149. DPTT switch wiring schematic check
  150. Another nub wiring question (vader board and buck puck)
  151. PC 1.5 help
  152. Switch terminals.
  153. aotc anakin
  154. noob wiring problems
  155. LEDengin RGGB, Data Sheet, more to come
  156. RICE port board terminals
  157. Crystal Chamber and wiring help.
  158. I need a diagram for a short anti vandal with recharge port. Help please
  159. Wiring diagram check for NB, recharge port, illuminated AV switch, and accent led
  160. Nano Biscotte First Wiring Diagram
  161. 2007 Hasbro Luke ROTJ FFX Soundboard suprise!
  162. Circuit diagram programs?
  163. Wiring Diagram Check (& related questions)
  164. I need a wiring diagram for a basic Nano Biscotte set up with a recharge port
  165. Double Bladed
  166. Vader FX Wiring Check
  167. AV Style Long
  168. wiring diagram for a RGGB led for a CFv6.5 with colour extender??
  169. NB wiring Diagram Schematic (with Color)
  170. Proper diagram please for lux tri-reb with a/v switch and MR board. D':
  171. Tri-Rebel bbw with MR board diagram
  172. Battery to MR board to LED correct??
  173. Basic Stunt Saber (LEDengin / Tri-Rebel Star) Wire Diagram
  174. Wiring Check
  175. MR Board questiin
  176. NB resistor question
  177. Wiring Diagram for NB, 18500, Lux Rebel, Recharge Port, and two accent LEDs
  178. Wiring Check Recharge Port
  179. CF 6.5 color mixing problems
  180. NB, Seoul P4, and would like to use the 18500 Li-Ion 3.7v 1400mah to run it?
  181. NB v2 Wiring Diagram?
  182. Please help with MWS for NB v2
  183. Mr vader problem
  184. MR/Hasbro Vader ANH wiring?
  185. Battery pcb?
  186. NB Wiring Check
  187. Question on latching converter....
  188. Just a question about Lio-ion battery pack making?
  189. Ready to go?
  190. wiring check: NBv2 with recharge port, AV, LED, speaker
  191. NB Wiring Diagram (mom switch, rebel led, recharge port, speaker, and 18650 li-ion)
  192. Wiring Questions!
  193. NBv2 Mono switch, Amber Rebel, charge port with trustfire 3.7V Wiring CHECK
  194. Wiring check - FX board with charge port question
  195. NB (PEX), Tri Rebel Star (RRW), 18650 3.7 3400mah Panasonic, Recharge Port, AV mom
  196. PC Prizm Wiring Diagram for my Dark Jedi Saber
  197. Anakin ROTS Tri-Lux and Crystal Chamber
  198. Would anyone be so kind to help a nervous noob out?
  199. Confused and need help
  200. Parts check- just the electronics
  201. Need help wiring a charging indicator LED
  202. Tri-cree r/g/rb + recharge port + AV switch + NBv2.0 + FoC pex (basic saber build)
  203. PC 3.5 w/ Color extender help
  204. Wiring & Resistor Check Please
  205. PEX as a relay?
  206. Just a quick question
  207. 2013-2014 Hasbro Wiring?
  208. Hasbro Force Action Obi-Wan Kenobi broken PLEASE HELP!!!!
  209. What happened to B3flex menu access ???
  210. Battery Cell Wiring
  211. Can I get any critiques/corrections for this wiring diagram?
  212. CF 7.5 Wiring Check Please
  213. Drawing for MHS parts with some custom features.
  214. electronoob needs help
  215. NB/PeX diagram for my first saber
  216. Momentary + Latching
  217. hasbro lightsaber salvage/ reconfigure to 12 volts help
  218. Electronics check
  219. Cheapy Kylo Ren Econo Board wiring check
  220. CF wiring check/assistance
  221. running two protected cells in parallel each with a separate charge port?
  222. Momentary, Latching, recharge port & derpface
  223. AV switch and kill key
  224. Schematic help for parallel av and led on NBv2
  225. Somebody Please Double Check!
  226. The recharge port schematic
  227. Anikin Aotc original Switch Wiring Help.
  228. Is this a viable option?
  229. Hasbro2015 Schematic + micro USB recharger question
  230. Pilot the Led with a slider?
  231. ANAKIN-BALLSW Wiring Diagram
  232. changing the 'hit' effect on hasbro 2015 board?
  233. rgb led and rotary switch problem
  234. New to saber electronics
  235. 3rd saber build-possible upgrade
  236. Nano Biscotte v3 Wiring Example
  237. Wiring Check for NBv2
  238. Cf 8
  239. Changing force fx switch to a tactile switch?
  240. Prizm v4 wiring for 1 color plus foc and 1 accent.
  241. Anakin-BallSW Wiriing Diagram (someone please verify
  242. Occasionally responsive wiring Habro blade builder.
  243. PRIZM wiring validatin -ugly diagram
  244. Nano biscotte v4
  245. Nano Biscotte v3, Luxeon Rebel Star, Buckpuck Wiring Diagram Check
  246. Kylo Ren BS, Battery Pack Schematic
  247. Rumble motor for prizm v5.1
  248. Rey Cheapo Bladebuilders Saber Conversion, First Build with Wire Diagram
  249. Neopixel with NB V4 and USB Charger Port
  250. sensible wiring diagrams