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  1. sounds
  2. el sound
  3. Cobin's driver
  4. MR sound power needs?
  5. hasbro vs MR FX
  6. Hasbro Sound Board Fuse
  7. Saber tone control?
  8. Corbin's driver and hasbro sound
  9. hasbro sensors...
  10. Preferred MR sound hookup?
  11. Still No Information on...
  12. A possible cheap fix for the Hasbro S.B. F.O.C.?
  13. Hasbro Sound Board
  14. Is there a smaller Hasbro SB?
  15. MR sound system removal
  16. What have you done for speaker vents?
  17. schematics
  18. ok so here is my idea!
  19. just to let everyone know
  20. Ever have a MR S/B fry?
  21. im so friggin confused....
  22. Old ANH luke MR soundboard voltage
  23. Removing speaker from MR 3AA Vaders and/or Anakins
  24. Does sound come with LED lightsabers?
  25. Some questions 'bout this...
  26. Anakin FX and Hasbro Speaker
  27. first sound
  28. Cheaps Hasbro sabers $12 ?
  30. 06 MR sound compared to 05
  31. FX Anakin EP2 soundboard.
  32. Making own MR
  33. smaller speakers
  34. EL Sound With One Switch
  35. Ultras Soundoard question
  36. Varying lightsaber "voices"
  37. New Hyperdyne Sound Modules
  38. FX Board Size
  39. Lux 3 driver and MR sound
  40. would this work?
  41. Luke FX soundboard and lux3 wiring?
  42. EL sound
  43. sound with switch in pommel...
  44. Chips and sound...
  45. MR board drives a K2 how far?
  46. FX Sound Board wav files
  47. Comparison of Speakers_Update 31AUG
  48. I would like to know what speakers/soundboard...
  49. Movement and Contact
  50. Odd MR soundboard quirk
  51. How many different sounds boards ?
  52. hasbro wiring question
  53. MR FX sound module
  54. What Hasbro sound board do you use and why did you pick it
  55. Adding a sound board later.
  56. Need help with the sound card purchased here......Please!
  57. Adding Parksaber elec. on/off LED to Luke ROTJ sound board
  58. anakin rots sound board
  59. Which Switch method
  60. Hasbro sound board
  61. crazy crazy off you're rocker cant be done...or can it?
  62. Audio amplifier with hasbro sound?
  63. vader sound board
  64. ISD 2560 series sound board
  65. saber sounds and corbin
  66. MR FX Saber battery pack and speaker combo
  67. Help installing windu sound board to drive led
  68. Resonators
  69. Creative use of fried SB's
  70. anakin speaker help!!
  71. Yoda Saber Sound
  72. hasbro sound board not working properly
  73. im am so confused!!!
  74. sorry if its been said
  75. Where do I get Hasbro soundboards?
  76. IF this isent the place to put it then I dont know, VaderMR
  77. piezoelectric?
  78. Just to make sure...
  79. question about a Hasbro sound board
  80. $3 Plush @ Kohls with record/playback sound
  81. interchangeing MR boards
  82. MR Luke El sound
  83. An-up-date on the sound board from ultra saber
  84. I think my speaker died?
  85. MR board on house current
  86. Relay stutter
  87. Problem with Obi Sound Card
  88. FOC solution...
  89. Somewhat weird Hasbro soundboard wiring question
  90. Think I Fubar'd my saber, opinions or ideas?
  91. To ANYONE who is trying to make a sound card/ driver
  92. anyone use an anakin 2005 fx soundboard?
  93. Found some clean Luke ROTJ samples!
  94. Mr soundboard connector!!
  95. Luke MR sound
  96. MR sound boards amp, spectrum and sound contents
  97. Kenner saber sound boards?
  98. Light Tech Sound Module
  99. $119.00 are you kidding me?!?!?!
  100. corbin driver and luke mr sound board
  101. sound board
  102. MR speaker sound
  103. question about sounds
  104. Ultra's recording of the ignition, hum, clash, and retract!
  105. Where does the motion sensor go...?
  106. Sound kill switch
  107. Got a 2003 MR Vader board...clash clarification
  108. WIRING SOUND TO THE SABER and anything else that comes up...
  109. Resonance -- let's get this hammered out!
  110. New ultrasound board dimensions?
  111. I Need Some Help
  112. How do you REPLACE the speaker in a MR DARTH MAUL?
  113. Vader Sound +K2 Royal Blue ?
  114. Hasbo Soundboard Switches (Momentary vs. Latching?)
  115. Putting an Ultraboard into my Luke ROTJ MR swtich problem
  116. Corbins driver and mr sound.
  117. I Know This Sounds Like a Noobish Question But.....
  118. Mounting a speaker
  119. Iv never heard of this happaning to aboard before.
  120. Making our own sound fonts
  121. ultra sound update?
  122. Hasbro Springloaded Innerds Revealed!!
  123. MR replacement motion sensors
  124. Ok I Need Some One Elses Opinun
  125. Hasbro Springloaded boards
  126. Query about the buttered toast..
  127. Ultrasound board
  128. Ultrasound users
  129. tim's speakers
  130. cracking sound
  131. plecter sabercore V2.0 help!
  132. saber auto shut off.
  133. sound help
  134. sorry if in wrong place xwingband
  135. luke sb/
  136. Anakin MR SB question
  137. Best voltage?
  138. Ultra sound...
  139. UltraSound ..what would be fair
  140. Need Help!
  141. quick speaker question
  142. Ultra-sound and resistor
  143. Ultrasound problem(?)
  144. Could you use only one switch on Erv's Board?
  145. Honest Question
  146. LED blade and MR EL soundcard
  147. mr saber sound questions
  148. want to buy cheap sound bord
  149. Want to buy sound board/various parts.
  150. Help ID the box art for the different Hasbro Lighsabers
  151. Use a Sequence Relay to disable Flash on Clash?
  152. vader saber sound
  153. Where could I get MR soundboards for a low price?
  154. I missed out
  155. So I gutted a Yoda FX.
  156. MR switch
  157. noob here would like some info on the ultra sound
  158. It just doesn't fit...HELP!!!
  159. lookin into better speakers
  160. I need an MR speaker
  161. wiring up a sound board
  162. Troubleshooting Ultrasound v 1.0
  163. I need help with Sound for a Vader ROTJ saber
  164. Help with hasbro soundboard
  165. ULTRA SOUND BOARD hook up directions
  166. Should i strip my Vader FX or ebay it and buy an Ultrasound?
  167. Ultrasound anyone??
  168. Sound/driver preference question
  169. Parks Obi K2 Lux with Ultrasound by TCSS You Tube Video!
  170. sound FX editing suite
  171. help, question about cf v1.2
  172. Did anyone eles have this problem?
  173. looking for a MR speakers
  174. Sticking the soundboard inside of the Resonance chamber???
  175. Woo Hoo.....gonna finally finish my Graflex
  176. Hasbro Board Help. !PLEASE!
  177. hasbro sound cards 2007 model
  178. fx board differences
  179. finding a sound board
  180. MR and Corbin driver help
  181. Upgrade speaker in an MR hilt?
  182. need a sound system for a saber
  183. Mr board moding
  184. Ulttrasound card dimensions?
  185. MHS saber sound
  186. any info on this hasbro's board?
  187. speaker ?
  188. Powering MR boards
  189. 2007b vader sound with 5 watt lux
  190. Question about CF 2.1
  191. yoda sound board?
  192. Where to get a soundboard
  193. a quick question on CF 3.0
  194. CF kill key? Where to get em.
  195. sound board question?
  196. MR Vader capacitor missing
  197. Question about CF
  198. Any Ultrasound news?
  199. CF MHS saber question?
  200. heads up cheap SW-616
  201. Speakers
  202. First post sorry if it's been asked
  203. MR sound board queston?
  204. Where does one look to make a sound board?
  205. Hasbro with a K2
  206. MR Soundcards?
  207. MR 616 questions
  208. Sound From ROTJ Luke Saber
  209. CF sold out!
  210. Ultrasound 1.0 on EBay
  211. newbie question
  212. EL saber sound
  213. Old Lamp Style Hasbro Boards
  214. Various switch types to use with CF?
  215. where do I get a soundboard?
  216. Any guess on watt output of different boards?
  217. Possible mod for the CF boards?
  218. Obi wan AOTC Sound Board
  219. MR FFX Construction Set Soundboard
  220. double blade, double sound card help
  221. Source for speakers?
  222. Help With Hasbro Sound Boards
  223. CF sound mixing question
  224. Adding Anakin ROTS Board
  225. MR FFX Construction Set Soundboard Switch Question
  226. FX construction set board
  227. This is weired
  228. Sound question
  229. Speaker Mounts
  230. Again!?
  231. Sound Card Caddy
  232. sound board from force unleased saber
  233. 6 volts on a MR Sound Card
  234. Rechargable Batteries with Sound Question
  235. New sound fonts
  236. Question about swapping LED's in CF v4
  237. CF v4 and Tim's PLI
  238. New sound card testing!!!
  239. MR FX Sound Boards
  240. Sound Card help and suggestions
  241. HELP needed please
  242. 616/Joe Jedi/FX Construction Kit sound board = desperate help required
  243. Wire routing issue with MPS + Sound
  244. Strange sound problem
  245. Help with backwards functioning LED on CF4
  246. Luxeon V with sound board, HELP!
  247. CF v4 + Phoenix default config... wacky??!
  248. Novastar's Compendium
  249. CF sound board.
  250. Hasbro Obi + Corbin v2 help