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  3. about tim's saber
  4. can someone help me?
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  8. Tools of the Trade
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  13. The basics of soldering.
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  27. using a 5w with the mr luke sound module
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  29. LED part list?
  30. 1.25" sink tube
  31. Does this need to be tapped?
  32. Which Screws?
  33. sink tube adapter
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  40. sound
  41. Hey guys Me and A friend need some help
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  47. Ok, I'm Dumb
  48. Nice and straight...
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  50. Fixing the blade into the saber
  51. Is it possible to combinate LED-Strings and Luxeon???
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  53. Tips on Getting Started
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  57. on and off swich help
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  62. How does it Work?
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  65. Shroud Chrome/Steel Tubing
  66. Noob question
  67. Creatively Hiding/Disguising a on/off Push Button
  68. Recharge Port wires
  69. How to fixate?
  70. any suggestions??
  71. Help!!!!
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  75. Soundboard and speaker (i hope this is the right place for this)
  76. Colour availability
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  82. noob question.
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  84. the right resistor
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  87. Delivery Time?
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