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  1. When will the store be back up?
  2. New Graflex Blade Holder Old Tool
  3. New Style Heat Sink Question
  4. MR FX conversion to LED and battle ready
  5. Hello, New and Looking for a Part
  6. Question About Boxes
  7. International Shipping and customs
  8. AV recessed hole on ribbed extension?
  9. noob question about d/tri-rings
  10. lightsaber powersource
  11. MHS Builder Wish List
  12. Color polycarbonate blades...
  13. a few questions, 4 to be exact
  14. Which tap?
  15. Possible battery heating issue
  16. Order Still In Process?
  17. Swith 22 and mounting q's
  18. Dimensions for box style 10
  19. Prepaid Credit Card?
  20. Lightsaber Cane?
  21. New LED modules?
  22. MHS threads
  23. P4 LED Module.. Typo
  24. Luxeon?
  25. R.I.C.E. port(s) thread compatibility?
  26. MHS Builder Send To Friend or TCSS Option
  27. Anakin blade holder in tcss store possible for Luke anh?
  28. I Just don't know
  29. Specs for 7.4V Li-ion Pack?
  30. Box 15-16 Mounting hole service?
  31. Luxeon Rebel Star??
  32. Queries from the new guy
  33. Want to build my own Hilt
  34. Anakin AOTC LED Conversion
  35. anyone build a plug-in saber?
  36. PC in MHS builder
  37. 3" fluted section
  38. which resistor for 3.6v battery pack?
  39. chrome housed accent LED'S
  40. asajj ventress force fx lightsaber Screw Size
  41. Dueling Partners ( Bay Area California)
  42. Resistor Question
  43. resistor question
  44. Tenergy 14500 unprotected - Tabs or no tabs?
  45. Whoa! Where'd the PC go?
  46. The new Li-Ion battery packs and a chassis disc idea
  47. 7.4v Li-ion 1600mAh 14500 Battery Pack
  48. Retention screw/activation box?
  49. Ultra saber + constant current led driver question
  50. A few questions
  51. Trim rings
  52. Covertec service?
  53. Possible LED issues
  54. New LEDs for Old Mace Windu Conversion
  55. Cannot find part on the builder.
  56. Chassis Disks and CF?
  57. Illuminated AV switch and power source
  58. Time, and color
  59. Seeking to build Revan's lightsaber
  60. Wood storage case
  61. switch question?
  62. 2.1mm plug for charger
  63. Question regarding kill plugs.
  64. new chassis battery question
  65. help
  66. short 16mm anti vandal latching switch
  67. Questions on the drilling services
  68. FX Conversion MR & Hasbro - Best Options
  69. Need Help, Opinions and Advices
  70. Wiring new tristar
  71. Powder coating
  72. Help Please: PC 2.0 problems
  73. Shipping!
  74. Important question
  75. Building a rechargeable lithium Ion battery for my Mag Lite Saber Staff concept...
  76. Store D-Ring Question
  77. The Nano Biscotti Beta test Saber
  78. nanobiscotte swing sensing question
  79. Acrylic Chassis Disc for NB and 18500/18650 pack
  80. Quick PC question
  81. New brass boxes
  82. Wiring with the Nano Biscotti and battery chassis Disks? Space for wires?
  83. Graflex Kit
  84. Powdercoat an MHS Clamp?
  85. New with Questions
  86. first saber build, got some questions
  87. Screw question
  88. First Build Question
  89. Connectinng
  90. Check out issues. need some help!
  91. Question about resistors
  92. Powder Coating Question
  93. Pre Wired Nano Biscotte...what about the Resistor for the LED ?
  94. when i access the mhs builder it is different then the one seen in the tutorial, why?
  95. Custom Parts
  96. 20 MM mini speaker question
  97. Choke ID @ .75" to <1"?
  98. Covertec thumbscrew question
  99. Blade Holders 8 and 16
  100. where are the blades?
  101. Rebel star module
  102. Dimensions
  103. canada li-ion battery pack
  104. Charging the 18XXX battery cells
  105. Bass speakers
  106. Blade Tip Question
  107. Possible switch mounting in Grooved choke combo?
  108. May the 4th question
  109. Battery Pack Question
  110. My Battery Pack Question
  111. Couple Newbie Questions
  112. Hasbro maul, time crunch, FML??
  113. Hasbro/MR Darth Maul Saber - parts?
  114. Old Parts
  115. Trim Ring length dimension?
  116. Best way to attach a shroud
  117. Newb Question
  118. Wiring help
  119. Looking for a part
  120. Switch hole placement
  121. Blade tip reflective question
  122. New to sabre building....
  123. Burnt out speaker on my NB?
  124. Panasonic 18650 Voltage ?
  125. Hi, I'm new. Is there a forum for questions about orders, or can I post the question
  126. No more Graflex Kits?
  127. Switch to use with box clamp style 7 or 8?
  128. Could someone verify my lightsaber parts please!
  129. Kill plug style 5
  130. Saving Build In Saber Builder
  131. Pommel ID?
  132. What resistor to use with this switch?
  133. Help for my first project!!
  134. Another "Check my parts" request thread
  135. Alternative shipping option?
  136. New speaker holders!
  137. Building a hilt to house a carbon fibre blade
  138. Graflex Clamping Lever: Do They Exist?
  139. When to use Momentary Switches as opposed to Latching
  140. First build questions
  141. Newbie with more goofey questions
  142. Help about the sink tube adapter
  143. PCB 7.2V for Li-ion battery pack. Necessary?
  144. First time Build
  145. Processing times
  146. PLEASE HELP!!!!! new to this first saber
  147. Can you return LED switches?
  148. blade holder question
  149. heat sink question
  150. Quad led heatsink needed
  151. NB v2
  152. Gender Changer Dimensions
  153. Kill Plug style 3 Covertec Knob
  154. Battery pack mount questions
  155. Sink Tube Blade Holder Question
  156. Red/Red/White LED Gone?
  157. Total n00b questions, starting with momentary vs latching switches
  158. N00b here. Guys I read a dozen or two threads and I'm a little turned around. Help?
  159. I've decided to do a PVC saber as a warm up project. Blade holder dimensions?
  160. Authentic replacement red button for Vintage Graflex?
  161. Battery question for PC
  162. Random MHS Part Question
  163. Best Maglite to go with Maglite Blade Holder?
  164. TCSS Shroud Work?
  165. Carbon Fiber Blades?
  166. blade holder "plug"?
  167. Recharge port service question
  168. Is there a way to get FOC without a sound board?
  169. Using TCSS Parts for Unusual Lightsaber Project. Some Questions
  170. Resistors and Accent LEDs
  171. Hi all, just registered & have a couple questions
  172. Amber LEDs
  173. Doubts about itens and customization
  174. Out of stock MHS parts
  175. PC And Tri-Rebel Question
  176. Switch 22 Question
  177. Covertec Knob/D-ring Screw Size
  178. Madcow post on Recharge port wiring...question
  179. SMD resisters?
  180. Re: Madcow's Videos... Belgium?
  181. Hilt Question
  182. blade conector DIN
  183. Vibration Motor queston
  184. Blade Holders
  185. a question about led
  186. MHS v2 question
  187. Help wanted - Sourcing Parts in UK/Europe troubles, advice and general pointers
  188. Chassis part question
  189. Why can't latching switches be used with sound boards?
  190. Does Wire Gauge matter?
  191. Trying to create a shopping list need help struggled to select items in shop and MHB
  192. Question on custom machining service
  193. possible new item, just thinking
  194. Shroud material for V2 hilts
  195. Tri-rebel LED Question?
  196. Confused about Pre -Wires
  197. Blade Retention Screw Service?
  198. Replacement Clash sensor question
  199. LED stock notification
  200. JST Connector LEDs, ETC Question
  201. Which battery to use?
  202. Anti Vandal Switch LED Colors
  203. When will the store be back open?
  204. Blade Holder Question
  205. CREE LED Question
  206. New Cree's
  207. Help! First time build and I need help with my internals!
  208. First build; I think I damaged the threading...
  209. Gift Certificate ?
  210. Where to buy Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in australia?
  211. Any one from Australia with experience buying from the shop
  212. custome switch/recharge port service question
  213. Question about MR rubber strips
  214. Which heatsink?
  215. Cree Red LED and Petite Crouton Voltage Question
  216. NB V1 PLI/AV wiring question.
  217. Gear part a pommel or is there fe,male thread?
  218. MHS Builder
  219. Speaker holder PC, CF question
  220. Received my first TCSS parts and....
  221. Question about Tim's announcement
  222. Activation box style 14 question
  223. MHS V2 components and designs
  224. First LightSaber build with sound
  225. Momentary to Latching Converter Question
  226. Drilling hole in curved part.
  227. MHS Builder blade holders missing
  228. Which blade is best?
  229. Which resistor to use?
  230. How long until Powder coating with machining returns?
  231. Short momentary switch question
  232. Quick box 9 question
  233. Thread length on graflex red button replica?
  234. Postage to the UK
  235. foc and sound
  236. White LED recommendations
  237. 16mm versus 12mm AV Switches
  238. Trying to build me first saber
  239. Material for blade plug in store
  240. One Last Noob Question
  241. How do you secure the Carbon fiber blade in your hilt so you can use it to duel with
  242. Pre-Installed Resistors on PC3.5 Accent pads?
  243. Pre built stuff
  244. problem with sondcard novasound neutrino v1.0
  245. Luke skywalker hasboro toy lightsaber sound card,flash on clash etc.
  246. Current time frame
  247. Question about the switch
  248. recommended build options for Plo Koon?
  249. Pommel Insert
  250. Saberstaff with core assembly too ambitious?