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  1. Fiberoptic Blades
  2. Luxeon K2
  3. Bat Wings
  4. how bright is a "real" lightsaber?
  5. PhotonAlterations blade
  6. Fiber Optic Cable
  7. "Real Lightsabers"
  8. My DPSS laser driven saber
  9. Force lightsaber activation with RFID
  10. Is it possible?
  11. Is it possible to have the battle crash FLASH
  12. Hyperblades and other LED array's
  13. Fiber optics Blades
  14. Spark effects for blades
  15. Radioactive blades
  16. Hyper Blade?
  17. Magnetic Sabers
  18. HyperBlade Review
  19. 5 watt graflex
  20. photoelectric effect masless blade
  21. "Faraday" power source
  22. Black neon effect on the blade
  23. real lightsaber
  24. The Tri-Lux is here.
  25. Building Li-ION Battery Packs
  26. Totally Realistic
  27. RGB LED Light Engine
  28. Future blade technology?
  29. Proton Arc blade
  30. Luxeon with slider fading system.
  31. LED Blasters -- need some help for BOP II!
  32. Li-Ion/Polymer 3.6v batteries... your experiences?
  33. Automatic clash & lock with a pressure sensor?
  34. Daylight bright saber
  35. A couple of ideas to improve our Lightsabers!
  36. Dental Blue
  37. Lux III, K2, V... a distinction on lumens, current, etc.
  38. Luxeon Rebel discussion
  39. Wider than normal blades.
  40. saber technology improvements
  41. Ditch your batteries
  42. Inertial 'Force Switch'
  43. simplified PLI
  44. Holy Cow. Tri-Rebel... ALREADY??!?!
  45. Sliding up and down..
  46. Back to rebels IN the blade...
  47. crystal focus core for... led strips !
  48. outdoor blade idea...
  49. So..is this real?
  50. Hyperdyne blades
  51. The Hutchison Effect
  52. day light bright saber
  53. gravity and plasma
  54. Color? Cree? UV? What? YAY!
  55. Seoul P4 green?? Brighter than the REBEL?
  56. Multi-Color LED Lightbulb
  57. blade filler
  58. not sure where to put this but I thought it was a sweet find
  59. If one was made available....
  60. 10 and 15 watt COLOR LED's
  61. LaserSabers - Made with lasers?
  62. Rebels Ready?
  63. Would a one-way mirror work?
  64. My color changing saber
  65. Force FX Contruction Kit?
  66. prototype: mid-grade MR-Daughter Luxeon CONTROLLER.
  67. Possible New LED to test with Sabers
  68. 1000 lumens, 14 mm wide
  69. Big Freakin' Batteries
  70. Upcoming Rebel LED mount...
  71. PowerLine SLIM Constant Current Power Supply
  72. Plasma Technology
  73. Info about 10W LedEngin Green LED (A couple of pics)
  74. Another Hyperdyne Purple Test
  75. dremel multi-vise
  76. LiFePo4 Batteries, will they do?
  77. New Sound board anyone?
  78. has any body constructed a "force touch" saber?
  79. LED (makototsai style) Testing
  80. 5 watt LED that runs at 3,2v?
  81. Tri-Rebel Optic
  82. I'm new so this has probably been said...
  83. New Rebel star PCB layout
  84. The "Next Gen" Saber... your thoughts?
  85. Seoul P5 RGB (re: smart ways to do RGB)
  86. Wii-related real-time motion tracking...
  87. Elliptical Optics
  88. Twisting Blade lock option
  89. Hybrid Blade Experiment
  90. Hehe.... breaking the 1K lumen barrier
  91. Has anyone seen this?
  92. help me obiwan, your my only hope
  93. Inverter: Dangerous
  94. Electronics cooling
  95. Parks Sabers Phase blades
  96. Tri-Rebels... we may have something.
  97. Rotating blade saber?
  98. A UV LED Saber? Blacklight tech
  99. MR with clash.
  100. Has anyone tryed this new led yet? 370 lumens@350 ma ,3.4 v
  101. Cheap 3w RGB LED
  102. An idea about sound in the blade?
  103. Prolight 5w leds
  104. EL accent wiring with a Lux or Cree LED
  105. Makototsai Led style Test Update
  106. Has anyone considered a vibrating hilt?
  107. Automatic smooth color changing lightsaber
  108. LEDengin
  109. Ultra Capacitor technology
  110. Anybody try these yet?
  111. Blue tooth reciever for sound
  112. New light weapon
  113. Taking it up a level...
  114. Flashlight conversion kits and the "IQ" switch
  115. Always-'ramping' 'chase' pulsation effect for future driver boards
  116. new idea for loud sound
  117. Blade holder
  118. has anybody ever thought of making a light whip?.....
  119. RGB Star
  120. Double tonfa
  121. Miniature atomizer, prop "smoke"
  122. Liquid cooled LEDs
  123. Lightscourge...?
  124. maybe someday oled blades
  125. Supplemental tip LED?
  126. Color blending optic for LedEngin
  127. Some new optics that may be of interest
  128. 3-up Rebel LED saber (Flange IV "DC")
  129. Touch Switches
  130. Cree XP-G R4. Wow. Just Wow.
  131. Gravy's Light whip 2.0
  132. CCFL's?
  133. tritium light for crystal
  134. Recharge Batteries
  135. Open source soundboard/LED-driver project...?
  136. Full programmable RGB cluster
  137. Can't remember/find if this has been posted? 40W RGB LED's
  138. 6000 Lumens!?!
  139. Better than NiMh?
  140. Some "flash on clash schemantics" for the new technologies...
  141. new ideas to incorporate in design
  142. Voice Recognition just an idea.
  143. Serial 8 character display.. hilt(ish) size!
  144. Want to learn about LEDs? (Great vid)
  145. 21369 lumens.... not a new tech.
  146. Star heatsink/holder/lens mount thingy that may be of interest
  147. Transparent wires for LED-strips
  148. Threadless, screwless quick disconnect
  149. I'll just leave this here...
  150. Trust fire 14650's
  151. Idea for a new Blade design
  152. new sensor
  153. Luxeon Driver
  154. Changing Modes of drivers luxeon 3w v2
  155. RGB Strips
  156. Flexible Metal Tubing?
  157. RGB Luxeon Driver
  158. Flash on POINT of clash
  159. Thermal Switches
  160. Using remote control to turn on/off lightsabers.
  161. can i get a link? its the last step.
  162. New Li-Ion Technology
  163. Lightwhip anyone?
  164. My son's Christmas present
  165. Fluorescent saber
  166. Voice activation
  167. Plasma Tube
  168. removable blade start up sound?
  169. 10W ledengin Question
  170. Black Core Saber
  171. New 10mm 1watt LED with new blade lighting technique.
  172. So I'm looking for a tiny LED...
  173. opinions please on new battery configuration.
  174. Wii Remote lightsabers?
  175. Long time no see, also found this...(arduino ideas)
  176. LedEngin 40w RGBA Purple w FoC
  177. How to make a flashlight batty holder for your PVC sabers.
  178. LR 123A li-ion batteries?
  179. Retracting blade
  180. Schurser CSE 16 Piezo Mom switch with how to wire to CF
  181. Illuminated Magnified Third Hand
  182. Salt Water Etching - hedgehog1's journey.
  183. smooth color transition and cycling for saber blade
  184. Using EL (Electro Luminescent) Tape in the hilt (not the blade) to spice it up
  185. Laser Diffusion
  186. NFC "force" activation
  187. Blaster interaction with a Lightsaber
  188. Lightsaber, duals to staff
  189. Custom electronics
  190. The Adegan Relic - A High Powered Burning Laser Lightsaber
  191. Suggestion for Electronics Builder?
  192. Wiring Check, Please?
  193. Nano Biscotte V2 wiring /w noob FOC question.
  194. 3D printed blade holder with LED
  196. Y-Splicing Tutorial
  197. 2 AA battery holder that uses 9v snap connectors.
  198. 16mm Switch?
  199. How to wire a Tri-Rebel Green Green White?
  200. EL wire
  201. Cree led!!!
  202. Dark blade prototype blades
  203. First COMPLET wiring view from CF v6.5 LS
  204. Chassis Discs + Crystal Chamber?
  205. REALLY difficult to have Li-Ion cells WITH PCB
  206. Wireless technology?
  207. Using Force Trainer Toy to activate Saber?
  208. Polyethylene or Polycarbonate Tubing?
  209. 3D printing decorative parts (Not concept thread, actually doing this!)
  210. Custom saber with Force Fx sound?
  211. How to connect nano biscotte v3 to 12w led
  212. Nth Light Technology
  213. Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) Vibration Motors
  214. Raspberry Pi Zero
  215. Wireless R.I.C.E.
  216. Inductive (wireless) charging
  217. UV Reactive Paint/Dye for Blade Color?
  218. Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces New Technology
  219. Is an rgb photon blade possible?!
  220. Where is the original thread about photo-reactive materials?
  221. Packing foam for heavy wall 1" blade
  222. Neopixel bench test Prizm 5.1
  223. 3-D Printed Lightsaber!!!!
  224. Pressure Sensor Film Switches
  225. Neopixel and Regular LEDs
  226. Neopixel Skinny Strips...
  227. Polyurethane spray foam blade..
  228. New Tech for Extendable Blade
  229. LilyPad Arduino
  230. What new technology is coming out in 2021?
  231. Magnetic Recharge connector?
  232. Fiber optic blade?