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  1. Brighter Blade Ideas
  2. Common misconception...
  3. Affixing 1" to 3/4" Reducer
  4. vader blade lenght ???
  5. blade for mace
  6. Something I think I'm seeing with Amber LEDs...
  7. Nylon blade question
  8. blade question
  9. Removing film from inside a polycarbonate blade?
  10. Led ladder design question.
  11. Best Blade for Kids (weight vs durability)
  12. yellow blades run on what?
  13. In your oppinion, What is the "best" blue luxeon III?
  14. blade film substitutions
  15. corbin or tcss?
  16. Film versus Diffuser
  17. poly and diffuser film
  18. Blade assembly question
  19. 3/4 inch verses 1 inch blades
  20. Keeping the tip on
  21. Saw this product and thought to share.
  22. How Do You Cut Polycarb BLADES??
  23. Charity bazaar SABER
  24. Is it cellophane, or is it polypropylene film I'm looking for?
  25. some luxeonIII questions
  26. Luxeon 3w driver V2 - Ramping?
  27. Tip Removal
  28. Question about the bullet tip
  29. Ultra edge
  30. Blue silicone rubber tube diffuser
  31. question about blade length.
  32. UltraEdge Blade
  33. How to construct an LED Blade (or, at least, how I do it)
  34. My saber play on local movie~
  35. Blade holders?
  36. 3/4" pvc coupling
  37. 1.25 sink tube
  38. blade holder
  39. led whip
  40. Thinwall and Thickwalled Dimensions
  41. What Thickness PolyP do You use for Your blades?
  42. Tcss diffuser with thin walled poly?
  43. blade lock-in ideas
  44. Tim's Colored PolyC - post picture of it here
  45. Anyone played with the new colored polyC's, yet?
  46. Seoul P4 vs. Lux III pics
  47. Grayvens springloads blade project?
  48. UltraBlade Thick-walled?
  49. "Special Fiber optic blade"??
  50. what would this do:
  51. Which blade?
  52. Ultra Edge Blade Tutorial
  53. Flicker circuit for LED-String
  54. Seoul P4 with filter or Amber LED?
  55. 5 or 10 degree lens?
  56. Corbin Film - Double or Quad?
  57. Complete Blades?
  58. MR Maul VS Makoto V2 red saber with 2 0 board
  59. TCSS Battle Blade Question
  60. drilling the the blade tip mirror?
  61. Sephiroth Blade
  62. Black blades?
  63. Thin and Thick walled blade film difference?
  64. Has anyone used this for blades?
  65. Simple question About part swapping.
  66. TCSS Color Discs
  67. Need advice for a completely custom blade..
  68. swapped out your LEDs?
  69. Thick vs Thin
  70. Thick and Thin - Sith and Jedi
  71. Sanded blades and duel durability
  72. noob blade advice after research for final decision
  73. cutting Polycarbonate
  74. photography of sabers
  75. And again with the flickering
  76. Duel Color LED sabers
  77. How to upgrade Anakin ANH
  78. film wraps
  79. white diffuser vs poly gift wrap
  80. Noob in need of help!
  81. A step in evolution
  82. Optics ?
  83. K2 or Luxeon III?
  84. Keeping Blade in Hilt?
  85. colored film?
  86. Most even blade poll
  87. Best Method For Sanding a Blade?
  88. Matching colored polyc blade tip
  89. Question about Lux V and Rebel I've been wondering about
  90. Blade Choices And Help (Im New to this)
  91. TCSS Translucent white 3/4" blade v. 1" UltraEdge blade
  92. Hasbro Obi TPM upgrade with led strip and single led
  93. How to make a dual core blade
  94. MR Maul V3 upgrade with led strip and single led chip
  95. My lightsaber in local TV show
  96. RGB LED question
  97. Tip shadows
  98. Black Blade development...
  99. Rebel Tri-star
  100. Blade Supplies
  101. Purple blade optics question
  102. Blade retention
  103. UltraEdge vs building your own blade
  104. Blade Opinion Question
  105. polycarb tube filled with silicon?
  106. Master Replicas LED Change
  107. How not to build a blade?
  108. sanding blades
  109. Sanding a transwhite blade.
  110. What do you do with your blade at cons when you are not using it?
  111. Frosted lenses
  112. Blade question.
  113. Black Light (not what you think)
  114. Blades
  115. N00b Question
  116. Another RGB LED question
  117. FX Yoda upgrade with 29.5 V3 blade
  118. Blade film and things that aren't blades
  119. LED Diffuser Question
  120. Dark purple blade
  121. Advice on first saber project.
  122. Yet another RGB(A) LED question...
  123. Safety foam lightsaber
  124. Black lightsaber of adhesive tape.
  125. Purple RGBA blade
  126. Purple RGBA schematics
  127. TCSS vs Corbin vs home built blade
  128. Smaller LED Stars?
  129. Cancellation of FOC with GG card using RGB
  130. Color change lightsaber with light-up effect
  131. 10w RGBW using 7.2v battery packs@900 mAh
  132. Anyone still have the colored PolyC?
  133. SSR90 2 amp comparison
  134. post the light whip in here that is Ok?
  135. Black lightsaber of Sun Control Film
  136. Using a thumb screw to secure a blade?
  137. Corbin power up?
  138. Master Replicas/Hasbro Conversion kit blade OD?
  139. First blade.
  140. The black blade. I think I have a fresh idea.
  141. No More "Black Lightsaber Blade" Threads
  142. color mixing with colored Poly-c tubes?
  143. Trouble
  144. Red Rebel Led
  145. Colored cello wrap
  146. color question
  147. threading PolyC?
  148. Question about Trans White Battle Blade
  149. Blade thickness question
  150. blade effect help
  151. can i run a red p4 on a 1000ma buck puck?
  152. How to make blades
  153. not what a 40in thick special white blade should be used for...
  154. star thermal tape pad
  155. UltraEdge + cellophane?
  156. choosing batteries for best led performance
  157. Getting a blade tip to light up fully?
  158. LEDengin RGBA direct drive wiring and resistor placement
  159. Diffusers and some ideas (and questions)
  160. Led Engin RGBAW Problem...
  161. Curved Blades?
  162. Wiring - "build you're own lightsaber" board
  163. Thoughts on blade sizes
  164. A blade question
  165. 3/4" Tips
  166. Tri-Rebel wired for silver.
  167. Silver Lee Filter?
  168. I kinda like it.
  169. Size of blade for LED blade holder???????
  170. Mace Mindu blade
  171. A quick question on The translucent white battle blade
  172. some short basic questions
  173. Simple do it yourself safety plug
  174. White poly c blade(mid grade) vs white poly c (heavy grade)
  175. Trans White PolyC Thin Blade with Corbin Diffuser
  176. Pointed Blade tip vs original tip?
  177. Double blade saber with 2 different colors
  178. Installed blade length
  179. What am I doing wrong- can't get blade to light up? (pics)
  180. question about LEDs lighting a blade thoroughly.
  181. Stunt blades???
  182. Best blade setup for white LEDs?
  183. obsidian sound board and rebel star or seoul P4 LED modules
  184. [project] Led strings blade with arduino
  185. Diffuser replacement for MR Obi Wan Sith
  186. I will NEVER, EVER, do this again. >=[
  187. Cellophane vs. Polypropylene
  188. Difference between Polycarbonate and Trans White PolyC blades?
  189. I want to buy a lightsaber
  190. Converting an ANH 2010 Luke Skywalker Removable blade
  191. Using a Trans White Tube as Blade Diffuser
  192. Solid Polycarbonate Tube Blade
  193. Thick or thin for short blade
  194. Where can I find this led strings?
  195. foam diffusor for LED-string blade - hard to find?
  196. Basic Saber - 4 AAA batteries
  197. PVC Lightsaber?
  198. opinion on best (and cheapest) lightsaber blade
  199. Question about swapping Ledengin diodes in 10W assemblies
  200. Blade Brightness Redesign
  201. Old blade post
  202. 2005 MR Darth Vader Lightsaber replacement blade?
  203. What's the deal with blade tips
  204. Tri-Cree blade not mixing very well.
  205. Building your own Blade = Pain in the ...
  206. Photon green blades
  207. Nerf lightsaber blades!
  208. Consistent blade luminosity
  209. Blade Development Questions
  210. in search of a proper blade.
  211. 12 watt leds with nano biscotti or ultimate fx?
  212. Has anyone ever tried a trans purple blade?
  213. Built my first saber, but the blade seems a little dim.
  214. Padawan blade length?
  215. Colored polyc tube (Transparent Smoke)
  216. Best saber for duel video
  217. Iridescant Gift Wrap
  218. Tapered (not bullet tip) blades ever attempted?
  219. Clear or Colored Blade, with White or Colored LED? (Day Cosplay)
  220. so frustrated
  221. Most Common Blade Type?
  222. Build a blade tip
  223. Quad rebel
  224. Multicolor light source?
  225. Blade thickness and tolerances
  226. Blade thickness and tolerances
  227. Blade ideas
  228. Blade with Plexiglass? (HELP)
  229. Blade Length and Balance
  230. Keeping blade film in place
  231. LED comparisons
  232. Blade into holders
  233. Are there any blade holders that would fit inside a 1 inch sink tube?
  234. Blade Film vs Blade diffuser help.
  235. Sanding blade material
  236. Best blade for Green/Green
  237. Blade Tip Friction Fit?
  238. 32" of 1.5 diameter optics grade acrylic...what to use it for....
  239. Why LCD Backlighting Won't Work for a Black Blade
  240. Preferred blade length
  241. curved saber with katana wrap
  242. Will TCSS blades fit in an Ultrasabers hilt? Also questions on photon blades.
  243. A recommended blade length please?
  244. Just got my photon blade in-it's super weird and cool.
  245. Ultra Film/GeluKhan film blades?
  246. Anyone do anything cool with a UV LED -- Lightsaber build?
  247. Blade Question
  248. LED module/ blade holder temperature
  249. Blade Help
  250. New to sabers and need help